Now Playing at McGurk’s October 31st – December 2nd

Irish Brigade

Mike Wallace
A Native of County Limerick, Mike’s musical career began with several Irish rock and roll bands where he developed his unique performing style. Arriving in America in the early seventies along with his original partner Gerry Goodwin, he brought with him a resurgence of Irish music and they became known as the Irish Brigade. His current partner since 2007 is Joe Smith.

Joe Smith
Outstanding vocals combined with his mastery of a wide range of instruments (fiddle, guitar, bass) makes Joe a great performer to watch and listen to. He is a native son of Minnesota but has Irish music in his blood and has been playing most of his life.

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Upcoming at McGurk’s

December 5th – 30th: Keepin It Reel
December 31st: The Darrells