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Monday – Thursday: 8PM – 12AM
Friday – Saturday: 9PM – 1AM
Sunday: 7:30PM – 11:30PM

Now Playing at McGurk’s April 3rd – May 5th

Irish Brigade

Mike Wallace

A Native of County Limerick, Mike’s musical career began with several Irish rock and roll bands where he developed his unique performing style. Arriving in America in the early seventies along with his original partner Gerry Goodwin, he brought with him a resurgence of Irish music and they became known as the Irish Brigade.

Darren Crossey

Darren is a familiar face with The Irish Brigade dating back to 1999. His voice is captivating as he sings Irish Ballads about the different counties in Ireland, and whimsical as he sings ‘My Little Honda 50’ and ‘The Liar’ that will have you laughing in no time. Darren continues to entertain and perform regularly both in Ireland and across the United States.

SUNDAYS AT MCGURK’S – Falling Fences (More Info)




Upcoming at McGurk’s

May 8th – June 2nd: Bronx Boys

June 5th – 16th: Jig Jam

June 19th – 30th: TBD

July 3rd – August 4th: Irish Brigade